Net Content720ml
Sake Meter Value+1.0

Rice, Rice koji

Commodity character

This is the Shoun Junmai Daiginjo In-House grown 100% “Hakutsuru Nishiki”, which is carefully cultivated by the agricultural corporation “Hakutsuru Farm Co Ltd” (Tanba Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture), and brewed with love for each drop using traditional techniques and the latest technology from over 270 years ago.  A gorgeous fruit scent reminiscent of pineapple and peach.  Elegant and plump sweetness and mild acidity are in harmony.  A mellow finish with fruity and nutty scents.

Serve temperatureChilled, Room Temperature
TasteMedium, Medium to Dry


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白鶴 翔雲 純米大吟醸 白鶴錦 720ml_Box Shoun Junmai Daiginjo – ...