Hakutsuru Namazake 180ML


“Namazake” is sake not subjected to heat processing, and “namachozo-shu” is sake stored without heat processing. When delivered as products, they are first heat-pasteurized. Either is mainly consumed as cold sake, making it possible to experience a “just-squeezed” taste. Being aged after brewing for one month in its fresh state around 41F before bottling, it has its refined freshness. It is characterized by its light, fresh and smooth taste.

The Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Company was founded in 1743, in the middle of Japan’s Edo period. Records show that the company started with a single brewhouse and had a total production volume of 32 kiloliters. The name “Hakutsuru” has a long tradition, first coming into use in 1747, four years after the company’s founding.

In those days, many sake brand names were used in common, such as Masamune or Tsuru, and it was difficult to tell which brewery a sake came from by its name. To make the distinction clear, we originally named our high-grade sake “Hakutsuru” (meaning “white crane”) to set it apart. The Japanese crane’s reserved character and graceful appearance, and the cultural association of seeing the crane in flight as an auspicious sign, make the crane an ideal symbol to represent the excellent quality of our sake.


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Hakutsuru_namazake_180ml Hakutsuru Namazake 180ML