Hakutsuru Jumai Dai Ginjo (2017-2019 Golden Award) 720mL

Jumai Dai Ginjo 720 ml

Hakutsuru Junmai Daiginjo sake brewed slowly at low temperature. It features a fruity aroma and a swelling taste that makes the best use of the taste of rice.
The award winning sake received Gold Award from Monde Selection for third consecutive years from 2017 to 2019 ( Awarded in 720 ml bottle)



Net Content720ml
Sake Meter Value+1
IngredientsRice, Rice koji, Fermented Alcohol
Commodity characterHAKUTSURU Dai Ginjo is high-grade sake elaborately made with king of sake-rice, Yamada-Nishiki, polished to 50% as a rice koji. It is characterized its gorgeous scent and dry finish. HAKUTSURU Dai Ginojo has recieved a gold titled of Monde Selection for fourth successive year and grand gold medal of The Fine SAKE Award’s Japan for enjoying with wine glass in 2014.
Serve temperatureChilled, Room Temperature
TasteMedium, Light
Food PairingA very good sake to match with various foods. Japanese food: Sushi(Halibut, Yellowtil),Yakitori,Sukiyaki,… Various food: Uncured ham, Salad, (weak fragrance food), Sousage, Spareribs, (strong “Umami” flavor), fricassee,Risotto, Gnocchi,…


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